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2022 Voter Guide

lexington voter guide 2022Welcome to Fayette Alliance’s 2022 Voter Guide! Each election, we educate voters through candidate questionnaires, to ensure everyone has access to where each candidate for Mayor and Urban County Council stands on smart growth issues. We sent our questionnaire to all Mayoral and Urban County Council candidates and we have posted their responses exactly as they were submitted.

Be sure to update your voter registration since you last moved or register to vote for the first time at govoteky.com on October 11 by 4pm.

Early Voting: November 3-5, 8:30am-4:30pm at 195 Life Lane

Election Day: Tuesday, November 8, 6am-6pm – find your polling location here

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Linda Gorton’s Questionnaire

David Kloiber – Did not complete the questionnaire

Council At-Large

James Brown’s Questionnaire

Chuck Ellinger’s Questionnaire

Bill Farmer, Jr. – Did not complete the questionnaire

Richard Moloney’s Questionnaire

Dan Wu’s Questionnaire

Lillie Miller-Johnson

District 1

Rahsaan Berry’s Questionnaire

Tayna Fogle – Did not complete the questionnaire

District 2

Shayla Lynch’s Questionnaire

Josh McCurn’s Questionnaire

District 3

Hannah LeGris’ Questionnaire

Kate Savage’s Questionnaire

District 4

Brack Marquette’s Questionnaire

Brenda Monarrez – Did not complete the questionnaire

District 5

Greg Ladd’s Questionnaire

Liz Sheehan’s Questionnaire

District 6

Denise Gray’s Questionnaire

Charlie Rowland Questionnaire

District 7

Joseph Hale’s Questionnaire

Preston Worley’s Questionnaire

District 8

Fred Brown – Did not complete the questionnaire

Kenya Williams Questionnaire

District 9

Whitney Baxter’s Questionnaire

James Lombardi’s Questionnaire

District 10

Ross Mann – Did not complete the questionnaire

David Sevigny’s Questionnaire

District 11

Rock Daniels’ Questionnaire

Jennifer Reynolds’ Questionnaire

District 12

Kathy Plomin’s Questionnaire

Raymond Alexander – Did not complete the questionnaire