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Tag: Quality of Life

infill and redevelopment lexington ky

Infill & Redevelopment

The question is not if we grow, it’s how. With a dedication to long-term planning, we envision growth that’s thoughtful and equitable, with a sustainable approach that makes the most of the land we have through infill and redevelopment.   Infill and redevelopment within Lexington’s Urban Service Boundary (USB) is the growth strategy set forth in...

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LFUCG Government Center

State of the City Address 2020

Fayette Alliance was proud to attend the 2020 State of the City address by Mayor Linda Gorton at a luncheon hosted by the Lexington Forum, a local civic group. Progress and successes in many areas were reported, including public safety, infrastructure and sanitary sewer projects, economic and workforce development, gigabit fiber and quality of life...

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Fayette Alliance Supports Funding for Public Art Projects

Update: August 30, 2018. Council Approves Public Art Proposal We are pleased to report that Council voted to approve the proposal to provide dedicated funding for public art projects.  Following is a break down of the vote: Those who voted in favor of funding public art projects: James Brown Bill Farmer Jake Gibbs Peggy Henson Steve...

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Design & Density

Lexington has the potential to become one of the truly unique, human-scale, and vibrant cities in America. Lexington has a burgeoning downtown, along with remarkable historic and established neighborhoods, and some of the most productive and beautiful farmland in the world on the perimeter of the city. Our history as the “Athens of the West”...

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Traffic & Roadways

Our roadways are not able to support the amount of traffic that flows through Lexington on a daily basis. In 2005 Lexington’s peak traveler’s experienced 38 hours of delay over the course of the year; In 1995 they only experienced 18 hours. Roughly 90% of workers 16 and over drive to work and 80% drive...

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Sanitary Sewers

We have leaking sewer lines and pipes. Storm water gets into our sewer system through leaky pipes and faulty lines. This means that our wastewater plants end up treating additional water.  When it rains our treatment plants operate over 100% capacity, and when we are in a drought they operate well below capacity. This system...

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Capacity & The Need for an Innovative Growth Strategy

Lexington is a growing city with a changing demographic. Best estimates say that an additional 60,000 people will call Lexington home by 2030. One of the central questions facing our community is not if we grow, but how we grow—and can we do it in a way that positions our built, natural, and social environments...

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