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What Makes Lexington Special to You? Let Us Know.

In 2006, The Fayette Alliance was founded by a group of people who love Lexington and wanted to protect and promote what makes it special.

What makes Lexington special? It’s something a little bit different for every member of our community.

We’re asking our supporters, What makes Lexington special to you?

-Chef Ouita Michel

“It’s the landscape that protects the uniqueness of our culture and if we just continue to eat it up, we won’t remember what it means to be in Kentucky anymore.”

-Chef Ouita Michel, co-owns and operates three Bluegrass Kentucky Restaurants

-Bill Johnston

“Neighborhoods are one of the most important parts of a city. You can’t have a good city if you don’t have good neighborhoods.”

-Bill Johnston

Different parts of Lexington may stand out to each of us but they all combine to create a unique place…a community that can’t be found anywhere else.

As we move ahead, we have an opportunity to grow in a way that leverages the very best of what Lexington has to offer…a vibrant downtown, thriving neighborhoods, and beautiful farmland. Through a balanced and sustainable approach, we can create a world-class city in a world-class landscape with a strong economy and healthy environment.

We want to know, What makes Lexington special to you?

 Tell us below.