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We are proud to be your voice for sustainable growth at City Hall.

We advocate at City Hall to positively impact planning and zoning laws for smart growth, including policies that promote community-driven investment and discourage displacement.

By advocating for the protection of our farmland, Fayette Alliance helps protect our signature and thriving agricultural industries and cultural assets.

By advocating for innovative and responsible infill and redevelopment, Fayette Alliance makes it easier and more likely that vacant, underutilized, and blighted properties will be reclaimed for commercial and residential uses.

By promoting sustainable infrastructure policies, our work improves Lexington’s environment and our quality of life.

Our work positively impacts planning and zoning laws – which are the building blocks of a better quality of life, economy, and environment for us all.

To further our mission, Fayette Alliance is a part of the Coalition for a Livable Lexington.

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