2022 Annual Report

We want to equip you to advocate for smart, sustainable, and equitable growth.

If you believe it’s not IF we grow, it’s HOW then get involved with Fayette Alliance!

Attend Fayette Alliance events, like Grow Smart Academy and GSA 2.0 deep dives, or become a Smart Growth Ambassador. Check out our upcoming programming here.

Help us build the movement for smart growth–host a house party for Fayette Alliance.

We will help you plan and provide all the info you will need! You just invite your networks. One of our staff will attend to provide information about our organization and how to support smart growth in Lexington-Fayette County. Email info@fayettealliance.com if you are interested in hosting!


Are you interested in helping us with community outreach like hanging posters up around town to get the word out about our educational programming or possibly staffing an information table with one of our staff to provide information about FA and bring in more supporters for smart growth? We will provide training and support on all things FA and smart growth before your volunteer shift. Sign up to receive volunteer opportunity emails by emailing natalie@fayettealliance.com.


We are a non-profit that is funded solely by donations from community members. Our mission is to positively impact county-wide planning and zoning policies, through land-use advocacy at City Hall, education in the community, and funding research that creates a better quality of life for all. We need donations as small as $5, $20, or more to keep serving our community to ensure we grow in a sustainable and equitable way! Making them recurring, monthly gifts is even better.

Attend our annual fundraiser, the Keeneland Bluegrass International Cup, benefitting us and the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Foundation each year in early September.

Email your Councilmembers

We will provide a sample email that you can personalize any time! We want our Urban-County Councilmembers to know that our community supports smart, sustainable, and equitable growth. Our elected officials often only hear from people who oppose changes for sustainable growth, let’s encourage them to support smart growth year-round. Email all CMs at councilmembers@lexingtonky.gov.

Make your voice heard in your neighborhood

Join your Neighborhood Association or start a group in your neighborhood if yours is inactive! Smart growth advocates are an important voice in our neighborhoods.

Want more housing at all price points for our neighbors at all income levels, such as missing middle housing? Let your neighborhood association leaders know that you support these types of homes in your neighborhood. You can find your Neighborhood Association here.

When there are planning and zoning policy changes that allow for smart, sustainable, and equitable growth, be sure to let your neighborhood association leaders know how you feel. Reach out to the Fayette County Neighborhood Council that often speaks on behalf of neighborhood associations at City Hall.

Follow us on social media and like + share our posts

Increasing our social media following helps us spread the word about smart growth and helps us build up our supporters. Follow us and be sure to like and share our posts, invite friends to our events, and comment on our posts–each time you do, it boosts our platforms, so we can reach more people!

Take action

When there is an important vote on countywide planning and zoning policies at City Hall, it’s important to let your Councilmembers know how you feel about the issue, especially if you are in support of the changes–they often only hear from those who oppose a policy.

Be sure to subscribe to our emails, that’s how we will let you know when these important votes are happening and how to weigh in. That could look like a number of actions, like emailing your Councilmember (we can provide a script) and your Neighborhood Association, giving public comment at City Hall, or just showing up in support without speaking.

Write a letter to the editor in support of smart growth. Contact us for support!

Participate in Planning Commission meetings.

Want a free Grow Smart, Lex bumper sticker to show your support? Email info@fayettealliance.com and we will mail one to you.grow smart lex


A-B ZOTA Position Statement


2045 Comprehensive Plan: Goals & Objectives Adopted by Planning Commission


Urban Service Boundary The Future of Lexington-Fayette County: Bringing the 2045 Comprehensive Plan Into Focus