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Category: Education

Smart Growth Ambassadors

  Smart Growth Ambassadors   Are you interested in learning about smart, sustainable growth? Do you have input on how our city uses our natural resources? Do you want Lexington to build more affordable homes in walkable neighborhoods with increased access to transportation options? If so, we hope you’ll consider joining our Smart Growth Ambassadors...

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Grow Smart Academy 2.0

We invite Citizens' Planning Academy alumni, plus guests and prospective Grow Smart Academy attendees, to join Fayette Alliance for an evening of conversation with local land-use experts, networking, and local issue discussion at our Grow Smart Academy 2.0 (formerly CPA 2.0) events.

The Urban Growth Management Plan Advisory Committee

August 8, 2023 The Urban Growth Management Plan Advisory Committee met for the first time today to begin planning for an expansion of Lexington’s historic Urban Services Boundary. This first meeting served as an introduction to the weeks ahead. The committee introduced themselves and reviewed their assignment and timeline. The 14-person committee is compromised of...

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Urban Service Boundary

The Future of Lexington-Fayette County: Bringing the 2045 Comprehensive Plan Into Focus

The creation of the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Service Boundary in 1958 established a blueprint for growth in this area of the Bluegrass region. This initiative aimed to stop unchecked urban and suburban sprawl, manage infrastructure costs, and to maintain the thriving rural business and residential communities that make up the areas surrounding Lexington. Over the...

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urban service boundary

LFUCG’s Sustainable Growth Study Envisions a Bright Future for Lexington-Fayette County

The Urban Service Boundary protects what makes our part of Kentucky unique–the thriving city of Lexington and the lush countryside and farmlands that make up Fayette County. The boundary was established in 1958 to protect these spaces for current and future residents and businesses by increasing the development of urban spaces while allowing rural areas...

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Urban Infill

Productive Rural Areas: Preserving What Makes Lexington Unique

  Sustainable Lexington, one of the most visible results produced from the urban service boundary, exemplifies the unique character of the county and is one of the major draws for residents and tourists alike. This charm, this atmosphere—whatever you might call it—is centered on the natural environment around us and the abundance it produces for...

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Here’s the Dirt on How We Can Protect our Special Soils and Environment

  All Lexingtonians know that our region is home to legendary farmland. Fayette County and the Bluegrass Region is world-renowned for its horse farms, thriving agricultural crops, and bourbon production. None of these remarkable features would be possible without the nationally significant, prime soils that underly our area’s farms. Importantly, this soil is a major...

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vote smart lexington ky election 2022

Election 2022 Candidate Questionnaire – Kenya Williams

Running for: Council District 8 Question: What brought you to Lexington-Fayette County? What do you love about our community? Upon graduating from Georgetown College, I moved to Lexington to begin my professional career. I love the closeness of Lexington and I feel like it is a great place to raise a family. My wife and...

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vote smart lexington ky election 2022

Election 2022 Candidate Questionnaire – Josh McCurn

Running for: Council District 2 Question: What brought you to Lexington-Fayette County? What do you love about our community? Lexington is a beautiful city that has a blend of diverse cultures and backgrounds but also has a feel for urban and rural life. Lexington has opportunities to offer for college students to raising a family...

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Climate Change and Land Use

Thoughtful Land Use Provides Tactics To Tackle Climate Change

Thanks to the Urban Service Boundary (USB), Lexington-Fayette County’s decades-long tradition of protecting and preserving our farmland provides a pathway forward for fighting climate change. No one had heard of the phrase “climate change” in 1958 when the USB was created to distinguish between Lexington-Fayette County’s lush farmland and our urban areas designated for development....

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