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Category: Education

Walnut Lawn Farm

IN 1842, BOB JAMES’S GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER, JOHN GRAVES JAMES, purchased Walnut Lawn Farm, which lies along Military Pike in the southwest corner of Fayette County and has acreage in a portion of Jessamine County. Since then, Walnut Lawn Farm has been continuously farmed by the James Family. Bob is the fifth generation to live there...

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Winter Quarter Farm

WINTER QUARTER FARM purchased and established in 1948, is a 276 acre Thoroughbred operation moving into the 4th generation of same family management. The seed enterprise was old Duntreath Farm owned by Mrs. Silas B. Mason on land now occupied by Gardenside subdivision. One of the first broodmares moved here by grandmother Mason was MAID...

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Mahan Farms

MAHAN FARMS IS AN 850 ACRE GENERAL AGRICULTURE OPERATION located on Russell Cave Road in Northern Fayette County. Mahan Farms is characterized by fertile soils and rolling pastures, giving rise to beautiful landscapes and diverse agricultural enterprises. Mahan Farms raises tobacco, alfalfa hay, corn, soybean, and wheat. In addition, is home to a successful Bluegrass...

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Cobra Farm

Cobra Farm is owned by Gary and Betty Biszantz; they purchased the original 82 acre farm 12 years ago and now have 340 acres after buying two adjoining farms. This is a Thoroughbred operation that is home to approximately 80 horses and 20 employees year round. The Biszantz’s are from southern California and spend approximately...

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Castleton Lyons Farm

IN 1793, A VIRGINIAN BY THE NAME OF JOHN BRECKINRIDGE bought 2,467 acres of prime Kentucky farmland. He named the farm, which would later become known as Castleton, “Cabell’s Dale.” Breckinridge was a dedicated thoroughbred breeder who would himself go on to become a United States Senator and to serve as Attorney General in the...

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LFUCG Candidate Forum

The Fayette Alliance, the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, Fayette County Farm Bureau, and the Fayette County Neighborhood Council organized a LFUCG Council Candidate Forum on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at  the Central Public Library.  Candidates vying for contested Council seats in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th Districts were invited to participate. Viewers learned candidates’ positions...

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LYPA Rising Stars-20 under 40 to keep an eye on: Knox van Nagell

Business Lexington, May 30th 2008 “Under her supervision, the Alliance has raised awareness of several land use initiatives, successfully lobbied to block expansion of the Urban Service Boundary and has supported rural-friendly proposals such as the Healthways Trail System…”  Read the full article