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Fayette Alliance Supports Funding for Public Art Projects

Update: August 30, 2018. Council Approves Public Art Proposal

We are pleased to report that Council voted to approve the proposal to provide dedicated funding for public art projects.  Following is a break down of the vote:

Those who voted in favor of funding public art projects:

James Brown
Bill Farmer
Jake Gibbs
Peggy Henson
Steve Kay
Jennifer Mossotti
Kathy Plomin
Joe Smith

Those who voted against:

Amanda Bledsoe
Fred Brown
Angela Evans
Kevin Stinnett
Preston Worley

Not present for vote:

Richard Moloney
Susan Lamb

Over 350 cities have dedicated funding streams for public art. Public art adds economic, social, and cultural value to cities. An active cultural scene and dynamic public spaces bolster the vibrancy and attractiveness of a city. Like our unique Bluegrass landscape, public art projects can help distinguish our community from other cities. As cities increasingly look more and more alike, having a unique identity that sets us apart is critical to our continued economic development and growth.

Fayette Alliance supports dedicated funding for public art. Like trees, green space, and architecture, public art helps create a community’s identity and quality of life. Our community already values the public art projects that have been undertaken in the past and those that currently exist. However, a dedicated source of funds can be used to leverage additional private and public funds to ensure public art is used throughout the city to benefit our whole community.

The Lexington Urban County Council gave initial approval to a proposal that would set aside 1 percent of any public building project of more than $10 million to pay for art to accompany that project. In addition, 1 percent of any borrowing for other projects under $10 million would go into a separate pool of money for art. Final vote on the issue is scheduled for Thursday, August 23rd.

In addition to the funding, we also support re-activation of the Arts Commission and creation of a Public Art Master Plan with community involvement to ensure the dedicated funds are maximized and benefit our entire community.

Lexington is currently experiencing incredible momentum as evidenced by the fact that we are appearing on more and more “top ranked cities” lists. Increasing and formalizing our commitment to public art is a logical and important step in keeping our city moving in the right direction.

Fayette Alliance Position Letter