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It’s Not Farms vs. Factories

"Since farmland within the county is a finite resource, sooner or later we will have to stop using it for development. The argument for the “need” for land for industrial development will be the same no matter how much farmland we have, including none." | Photo by Jeff Rogers | www.jeffrogers.com

Capacity & The Need for an Innovative Growth Strategy

Lexington is a growing city with a changing demographic. Best estimates say that an additional 60,000 people will call Lexington home by 2030. One of the central questions facing our community is not if we grow, but how we grow—and can we do it in a way that positions our built, natural, and social environments...

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Creating a Place That ‘Makes the Heart Sing’

Excerpt from Kentucky.com, posted April 18, 2010 Op-ed by Knox van Nagell, Executive Director of The Fayette Alliance “Creating a place that ‘makes the heart sing’: summit focused participants on lexington’s assets, challenges” Spring is here, and nature continues to remind us of the Bluegrass’ unrivaled beauty and potential. Our rolling green pastures dancing with...

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