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Fayette County Farmland Is Still A Source of Agricultural Innovation

Fayette County Farm | Photo by Jeff Rogers | www.jeffrogers.com

Fayette County farmland is still fertile ground for new ag initiatives

by Todd Clark, 9.28.11, BizLex.com

Lexington, KY – Recently Emily H. Cowles, in her BizLex article titled Altered Landscapes, asked the question, “With so much beautiful Bluegrass farmland for sale, we must ask ourselves, what will become of this farmland if the foal crop continues to decrease and Kentuckians leave — either voluntarily or involuntarily — the horse industry all together?”

I believe agriculture will continue to need and use this land. Many of the historical uses will continue, while new agricultural enterprises will crop up each day! These uses, both old and new, require fertile soil, an asset which Fayette County has and needs to protect.

As a first-generation, full-time Fayette County farmer, I have always had to do things a little differently to make a living while farming. In my 20-plus-year career as a farmer, I have found opportunity in building relationships within the farming community, thinking outside the mainstream mentality and having a passion for farming. Tobacco, hay and cattle have led the way, but in recent years some non-conventional animals are moving to the forefront…Read more at BizLex.com