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Rural Land and Urban Infill Are Both Essential to Lexington’s Future



“Ky. Voices: Rural land, urban infill both essential”

By Knox van Nagell, Executive Director of The Fayette Alliance
Posted 1.18.2011, Kentucky.com

At issue | Jan. 3 commentary by Jacques J. Wigginton, “Where’s the balance? City saving rural land, neglecting its core”

Former councilman Jacques Wigginton’s commentary criticized the Urban County Council’s support of the Purchase of Development Rights program.

He blamed the council for funding the program at the expense of supporting urban infill initiatives — asserting that preserving our farms costs too much in light of Lexington’s development needs.

He went on to say it is time for a balanced growth approach, requiring local leadership to spend public dollars on urban revitalization programs so our city may become more vibrant, attractive and accessible for all its citizens.

I couldn’t agree more with achieving a dynamic, affordable city through infill initiatives. But slashing PDR funding is not the answer…Read more at Kentucky.com