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The Fayette Alliance Supports Changing the Definition of “Family” to Help Fix Student Housing Issues Around U.K.

On June 10th, the Urban County Council unanimously adopted this legislation into law.  The Alliance supported this proposal which will promote the property rights of landlords and homeowners, and the quality of life in our established neighborhoods. This measure will limit the number of unrelated persons living in single-family and two-family homes and the size...

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Mayoral Candidate Biography: Teresa Isaac

As Lexington mayor from Jan., 2003 through Dec., 2006, Teresa Isaac presided over measures that previously had been stalled by controversy: Enactment of an indoor smoking ban; increased pay for police and firefighters; budget cuts to every other area of government, including significant cuts to her own office budget.   Isaac led the city through the...

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Mayoral Candidate Biography: Jim Gray

Jim Gray has spent his career working to bring jobs and better government to Lexington.  Jim came to public service after spending 36 years creating jobs and economic growth in the private sector.  Jim is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the family firm, Gray Construction, a nationally ranked engineering, design and construction company....

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Mayoral Candidate Biography: Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry became Mayor on January 1, 2007 after the citizens elected him by the largest margin in Lexington’s merged government history. Under his leadership Lexington has made unprecedented progress. He has tackled the tough issues others have ignored for years such as, updating our sewer system and funding our police and firefighters pension. He...

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Historic African American Hamlets Around Lexington Featured on NPR

Listen to National Public Radio story. Read more at Kentucky.com The Fayette Alliance supported a scenic byway for Cleveland Road in Eastern Fayette Co. which runs by several of these rural Hamlets–including Pricetown, Jimtown and Athens. The byway was successfully adopted by the state. Visit “North Cleveland Road Scenic Byway Application” to learn more.

Council At-Large Candidate Bio: Kathy Plomin

Kathy Plomin is one of Lexington ‘s go-to people when it comes to community building, relationships and development throughout the Bluegrass Region. She exemplified this skill set as President of the United Way of the Bluegrass for the past nine plus years until her recent retirement last spring. Before heading this highly respected non-profit organization,...

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The Fayette Alliance Supports Application for Brownfields Assessment Grant

In October 2009, LFUCG applied for $400,000 in federal funding to perform a community-wide brownfields assessment.  The Fayette Alliance endorsed LFUCG’s brownfield assessment grant application because it will improve Lexington’s quality of life potential. Please click here to view our statement of support. LFUCG received partial funding for the project. With this financing, LFUCG will...

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Creating a Place That ‘Makes the Heart Sing’

Excerpt from Kentucky.com, posted April 18, 2010 Op-ed by Knox van Nagell, Executive Director of The Fayette Alliance “Creating a place that ‘makes the heart sing’: summit focused participants on lexington’s assets, challenges” Spring is here, and nature continues to remind us of the Bluegrass’ unrivaled beauty and potential. Our rolling green pastures dancing with...

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Alliance Supports Mayor’s Proposed $2 million Budget for PDR

In his annual state of the merged government address, Mayor Newberry recommended allocating $2 million of LFUCG funds to the PDR program in FY 2011. If granted by the Council, this local funding will enable PDR to receive $2 million in state and federal “matching” dollars. If accomplished, PDR will have a total of $4...

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Council At-Large Candidate Bio: Don B. Pratt

Don Pratt is a long time Lexington social activist. Don went to prison rather than support the Vietnam War, worked to help integrate University of Kentucky athletics, and has advocated for progressive reforms ever since. Don marched with Justice William O. Douglas to help save the Red River Gorge, marched with Martin Luther King for...

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