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Mayor & Council Recommend Focusing Growth in Existing Urban Area

Photo courtesty of Jeff Rogers | jeffrogers.com

Photo courtesty of Jeff Rogers | jeffrogers.com

The Fayette Alliance and our supporters would like to thank Mayor Jim Gray, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, members of the Urban County Council, and Planning Commission Chairman Carolyn Richardson for their leadership in recommending no expansion of the Urban Services Boundary during the upcoming Comprehensive Plan Update Process.

Maintaining our current city limits is an amazing opportunity for Lexington to protect our prime farmland for agricultural use, promote our signature Bluegrass landscape for the pride and enjoyment of the entire community, vigorously pursue innovative and responsible development opportunities for long-term economic success, adequate affordable housing, appropriate historic preservation, efficient transportation networks, and needed greenways in Lexington. Read more about The Fayette Alliance’s vision of a sustainable Lexington that benefits all of us.

The Fayette Alliance will continue to work with our elected officials, and community leaders including Commerce Lexington, the Homebuilder’s Association, the Fayette County Neighborhood Council, the Blue Grass Trust, The Lexington Board of Realtor’s, Progress Lexington, Bluegrass Tomorrow, and others to advocate for a sustainable growth strategy.

We also want to hear from you. As an Alliance supporter, now is the time to share your hopes for Lexington with us. Your input is important! Contact director@fayettealliance.com The Fayette Alliance is uniquely positioned to bring your voice to our local officials. Unlike other non-profit organizations, the Alliance can lobby and educate local government on activities related to our mission.

Thank you for your support of The Fayette Alliance. Together, we’re making a huge difference by achieving a sustainable Lexington!

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