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Proposed Expansion to the Urban Service Boundary

We need your voice at city hall to speak out against irresponsible expansion, and in favor of a data-driven process to guide future growth decisions. Several community groups — Commerce Lexington, Lexington For Everyone, and Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky — are proposing that Lexington should expand its historic Urban Service Boundary by 5,000...

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Economic Development and the Urban Service Boundary

Sometimes, false narratives are told about the Urban Service Boundary — and one of them we often hear is “the USB is hindering economic development in Lexington-Fayette County.” However, a study conducted by the University of Kentucky disproves this narrative. 2017 LBAR Study on Lexington’s Land-Use Policies The Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors (LBAR) funded...

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Get Involved: Goals and Objectives of The 2045 Comprehensive Plan:

Overview: During a public hearing on February 16, smart growth advocates and civically engaged citizens spoke to the planning commission at City Hall — specifically endorsing Fayette Alliance’s recommendations related to Theme E, Goals 3 and 4. Since that public hearing, the Goals & Objectives of Lexington’s 2045 Comprehensive Plan were revised to reflect community...

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A-B ZOTA Position Statement

Update: 3.09.23 Dear smart growth advocate, Despite our advocacy efforts, Lexington’s Planning Commission voted and approved the ZOTA amendment for Sayre School — changing local zoning ordinances in the Agricultural Buffer (A-B) zone, not just for athletic complexes, but for 17 additional conditional uses already permitted in the zone. This is the first of several...

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Urban Service Boundary

The Future of Lexington-Fayette County: Bringing the 2045 Comprehensive Plan Into Focus

The creation of the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Service Boundary in 1958 established a blueprint for growth in this area of the Bluegrass region. This initiative aimed to stop unchecked urban and suburban sprawl, manage infrastructure costs, and to maintain the thriving rural business and residential communities that make up the areas surrounding Lexington. Over the...

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a field

Proposed changes to the Agricultural-Buffer zone

Sayre School is hoping to change a countywide zoning policy in the Agricultural-Buffer zone (A-B), which is outside of the Urban Service Boundary. The Public Hearing on the proposed ZOTA will be held on Thurs., Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, 200 E. Main St.  The change would allow them to increase their...

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Soccer Development Updates

Soccer Development Updates The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing this week on Thurs., Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the LFUC Government Center, 200 E. Main St., Lexington KY.  The purpose of the meeting is to decide on a zoning change for a parcel of land located at 5380 and 5354...

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Pause on ZOTAs in the Rural Service Area Until the RLMP is Updated

Pause on ZOTAs in the Rural Service Area Until the RLMP is Updated We and the undersigned organizations are calling on the Urban-County Council and the Mayor to support an update to the Rural Land Management Plan (RLMP) and pause Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments (ZOTAs) in the Rural Service Area. Over the last twelve months, the...

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