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Lexington-Fayette County Make Progress on Sewers

The Fayette Alliance is dedicated to securing adequate infrastructure in Fayette County--this is a key component to promoting responsible and sustainable growth. To learn more about our work to improve our sanitary sewer and storm water systems, please view our position statements on the Proposed LFUCG Water Quality Management Fee & Program, FY 2009 & FY 2010 Sanitary Sewer User Fee Increase.

Fayette County Named Among Nation’s Finest in Farmland Preservation

Since it’s inception, The Fayette Alliance has strongly supported the efforts of LFUCG Purchase of Development Right program. View the Alliance’s Position Statements for Fiscal Year 2009 and Fiscal Year 2010. We congratulate the PDR program on a job well done in preserving our irreplaceable Bluegrass landscape. Preservation recognition Excerpt from www.Kentucky.com, Opinion Editorial, posted...

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Transportation America’s 2009 Report on Kentucky

Lexington’s peak travelers experienced 38 annual hours of delay in 2005, while they only experienced 18 annual hours of delay in 1995. Kentuckians produce 8 metric tons of CO2 from transportation per capita, while the national average is only 6.9 metric tons. However, bus ridership in Lexington is up 11.5% from 2007-2008. Read more facts...

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Alliance successfully protects rural landscape at BOA hearing

At today’s Board of Adjustment hearing, The Fayette Alliance opposed a conditional use permit submitted by Bharatiya Temple and Cultural Center, located at 3050 North Cleveland Road. The applicant aimed to construct a 6,000 square foot structure—complete with storage space and bathrooms—to their existing 10,000 square foot church building. The subject property is approximately 10-acres...

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LFUCG Planning Commission gives initial approval for Krikorian development

At today’s LFUCG Planning Commission meeting, The Fayette Alliance conceptually endorsed George Krikorian’s proposed $70 million infill project in downtown Lexington. The proposal aims to revitalize roughly 18 acres of underutilized industrial property along Angliana Avenue. Using adaptive re-use and new construction, the project envisions a movie theatre, bowling alley, grocery store, residential, retail and...

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On June 23rd 2009, the Council unanimously adopted the principles of the Downtown Masterplan.

The Alliance strongly supports the Downtown Masterplan, and aims to participate in those LFUCG discussions that will recommend ordinances and programs to the Council for adoption.  Such legislation will give the Masterplan “teeth” and establish a broad regulatory framework for redeveloping downtown.  We’ll keep you posted. Learn more about the Downtown Masterplan.