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Town Branch Trail Connection Tunnel

The proposal to incorporate a connection tunnel for the Town Branch Trail into the New Circle expansion prompted Governor Beshear to commit to finishing the entire trail, not just the connection tunnel. Read more about these plans at Kentucky.com

We support incorporating a tunnel and bridge for the Town Branch bike path as part of the New Circle Road expansion project. These additions represent just 1% of the $80 million highway improvement plan and would advance a much needed multi-modal transportation option for citizens.

Trails are essential to both environmental sustainability and economic development efforts in the community—and for these reasons, have been widely recommended by the both Federal Transportation and AASHTO guidelines. They are regularly incorporated in highway projects throughout the United States, and the New Circle Road facilities would a “first” for Lexington.

With the Town Branch Trail “connection “ in place, the state of Kentucky can demonstrate its commitment to progressive transportation policy, and in turn its unique quality of life for its residents and employers alike.

Read Our Letter of Support to Governor Beshear