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Author: Fayette Alliance

Fayette Alliance Position Statements

Below, you will find a complete list of Fayette Alliance’s position statements regarding land-use policies in Lexington-Fayette County as well as the public comment the organization gave regarding specific land-use policies. 2024 January Urban Growth Management ZOTA 2023 November 2045 Comprehensive Plan Urban Growth Management ZOTA January Sayre A-B ZOTA

Urban Growth Management ZOTA

Recently, Lexington’s Planning Staff proposed a new, progressive, city-wide zoning change that could reshape the landscape of our city. Potentially: This could help create a compact, walkable Lexington that incorporates more mixed-use development projects and allows for appropriate mixing of residential and commercial areas. This is kind of a big deal. Historically, Lexington’s development patterns have...

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Grow Smart Academy 2.0

We invite Citizens' Planning Academy alumni, plus guests and prospective Grow Smart Academy attendees, to join Fayette Alliance for an evening of conversation with local land-use experts, networking, and local issue discussion at our Grow Smart Academy 2.0 (formerly CPA 2.0) events.

Details: New Expansion Area Map

On Thurs., Oct. 26 2023, Lexington’s Planning Commission voted 6-4 to adopt a new expansion area map that will ultimately expand Lexington’s historic Urban Services Boundary by 2,833 gross acres. Next Steps: The newly adopted map will now move to the master planning phase with outside consultants. Let’s be clear  – this is a win...

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2023 End of Year Campaign

As 2023 draws to a close, all of us here at Fayette Alliance want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have stood with us and supported our mission of smart, sustainable, and equitable growth in Lexington-Fayette County. Important: The fight for responsible growth is far from over, and we need your support to continue...

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Expansion Public Input Session

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council recently mandated an unprecedented expansion of Lexington’s historic Urban Services Boundary by between 2,700-5,000 acres. The Urban Growth Management Advisory Committee has spent the last four weeks discussing where they believe Lexington should grow and has identified seven different areas for potential expansion. The committee is now requesting community feedback...

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The Cost of Living in Lexington, Kentucky

In recent months, the topics of housing and liveability have become polarizing for many Lexingtonians. The cost of housing was one of the leading factors in the Urban County Council’s decision to expand the Urban Services Boundary by between 2,700-5,000 acres — with some elected officials and advocacy groups claiming that opening up more rural land for development would decrease the cost of...

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The Next Steps for Fayette Alliance

Litigation against the Urban County Council on the Goals & Objectives is underway. The legality of their decision to mandate an expansion of 2,700-5,000 acres in Lexington-Fayette County will now be decided by the judicial system.  As for us at Fayette Alliance, our work doesn’t stop in the courtroom.  It carries over into City Hall,...

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The Urban Growth Management Plan Advisory Committee

August 8, 2023 The Urban Growth Management Plan Advisory Committee met for the first time today to begin planning for an expansion of Lexington’s historic Urban Services Boundary. This first meeting served as an introduction to the weeks ahead. The committee introduced themselves and reviewed their assignment and timeline. The 14-person committee is compromised of...

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