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Council Approves Green Infrastructure in Local Subdivision Regulations

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of text amendment (SRA-2009-4) to our local subdivision regulations and LFUCG Council approved the text amendment 6-0.  This text amendment will allow the use of low-impact / green water quality measures to minimize the environmental impacts of land development. To use these alternative water quality measures, the applicant must...

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Lexington-Fayette County Make Progress on Sewers

The Fayette Alliance is dedicated to securing adequate infrastructure in Fayette County--this is a key component to promoting responsible and sustainable growth. To learn more about our work to improve our sanitary sewer and storm water systems, please view our position statements on the Proposed LFUCG Water Quality Management Fee & Program, FY 2009 & FY 2010 Sanitary Sewer User Fee Increase.

FY 2009 & FY 2010 Sanitary Sewer User Fee Increase

The Fayette Alliance supported a 48% increase in the sewer user fee for fiscal year 2009, and a 35% increase for fiscal year 2010. These measures will collectively generate an additional $24.6 million in the dedicated LFUCG sanitary sewer user fee fund. This money will directly pay for $130 million in badly needed infrastructure projects...

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Proposed LFUCG Water Quality Management Fee and Program

Once the Athens of the West, Lexington-Fayette County is now a place where people and livestock have tragically lost their lives in flooded streams; raw sewage and stormwater run-off pollute over 70% of our creeks—endangering fish, animals, and humans alike; and feces finds itself in household basements, neighborhood parks, and the scenic fields of world...

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EPA Consent Decree

ON FEBRUARY 19th, 2008, LFUCG released the details of the EPA Consent Decree. This agreement between LFUCG and the EPA addresses Lexington-Fayette County’s longstanding sanitary sewer and stormwater problems. The Consent Decree will impact how Lexington-Fayette County grows in years to come. EPA Consent Decree