Tag: Infrastructure

Traffic & Roadways

Our roadways are not able to support the amount of traffic that flows through Lexington on a daily basis. In 2005 Lexington’s peak traveler’s experienced 38 hours of delay over the course of the year; In 1995 they only experienced 18 hours. Roughly 90% of workers 16 and over drive to work and 80% drive...

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Sanitary Sewers

We have leaking sewer lines and pipes. Storm water gets into our sewer system through leaky pipes and faulty lines. This means that our wastewater plants end up treating additional water.  When it rains our treatment plants operate over 100% capacity, and when we are in a drought they operate well below capacity. This system...

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Storm Water

Our current storm water system is defunct. Lexington uses detention and retention basins to control flooding and storm water filtration in its neighborhoods. Because many new homes are built on extremely small lots with poor drainage, it is essential they do their job.  Yet, the city has not had enough money to thoroughly maintain these...

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Legislation Encourages Bike Racks and Easy Access to Transit Stops

Heavy traffic and the worst carbon footprint per capita in America plague Lexington. However, new incentives that encourage developments to locate near transit stops and install bike racks offers a solution. The Fayette Alliance urges Council to adopt legislation that provides incentives, which encourages developments to locate near transit stops and install bike racks. The...

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Update on Angliana Project

“State approves financing for Angliana project” By Scott Sloan, posted July 29, 2010 Excerpt from Kentucky.com The state on Thursday gave approval for final negotiations to start on making infrastructure improvements at a proposed development on Angliana Avenue in Lexington. The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority in Frankfort gave the nod to allow the state...

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Incentive Grants to Improve Water Quality Available for Lexington Businesses, Neighborhood Organizations & Others

The Fayette Alliance proudly served on the Steering Committee that drafted the incentive grant program–along with members of the development, neighborhood, and commercial property sectors. “Mayor announces incentive grants for water quality projects” Press Release by Live Green Lexington, LFUCG Department of Environmental Quality Lexington businesses, churches, apartment complexes and neighborhood organizations are eligible for incentive...

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