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We Support the Capacity Assurance Program

Fayette Alliance supports the CAP program to improve water quality in Lexington.

Later this week Fayette County Urban Council will vote on the proposed Capacity Assurance Program. We are proud to have been a part of the process to develop the capacity assurance program. It is a key step on the long road to fixing Fayette County’s ailing sewer and storm water system.

Check out the CAP ordinance   AND   Read our full position statement

To learn more about the Capacity Assurance Program read the post below:

Lexington’s Land Use Map

Under the EPA Consent Decree, the city of Lexington must adopt and implement a “Capacity Assurance Program.” Basically, it will require that adequate sewer capacity exist in our system (sewer lines, treatment plants, etc.) BEFORE a new sewer “tap-on” or development is allowed in Lexington. The idea is to ensure that the sewer system can handle and adequately treat the waste generated by old and new development. This has been a problem for Lexington in the past–thanks to our old sewer system, storm water filtration issues, and inconsistent oversight.

In April 2012, the LFUCG Capacity Assurance Program (CAP) Taskforce was formed to develop a plan to meet the requirements of our EPA Consent Decree. The taskforce met eleven times and determined nineteen different recommendations to implement and administer the CAP program. If implemented, the proposed CAP will marry environmental stewardship, physical growth, and economic development for the first time in Lexington’s history.

We were proud to be a part of this important initiative and support the proposed LFUCG Capacity Assurance Program, Task Force Report recommendations, and forthcoming implementation ordinances.

Check out the full Task Force Report    AND    Read our full position statement

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