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Cellular Tower Denied Permit, Violates A-R Zone Ordinance

Last week Lexington’s Planning Commission voted 11-0 to deny AT&T’s request to build a cell tower on a plot of land that would be unlawfully divided according to the A-R Zone Ordinance. Read below to learn more about the issue and see our complete position statement on the issue.

Cellular Tower

AT&T Mobility aims to construct a 199-foot cell-tower off of Iron Works Pike—2.6 miles west of Russell Cave Road. The proposed tower will be located in the center of a 50′ x 50′ (2,500 square-foot) leased area on a 27-acre horse farm.

The property on which the proposed tower will be built is part of Lexington Fayette County’s “Agricultural-Rural” (A-R) Zone which is subject to a 40-acre minimum lot requirement. Preexisting lots that are non-conforming (less than 40-acres) cannot be subdivided into smaller lots that would increase their nonconformity. The lease of 2,500 square feet to AT&T represents such a subdivision and should therefore be denied as it violates the zoning ordinance governing the A-R zone.

In the interests of responsible land-use planning and community welfare, Fayette Alliance urges Chairman Owens and the Planning Commissioners to deny the CT 2012-1 application for cellular tower construction.

Read Fayette Alliance’s complete position statement on this issue: