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Congratulations to the newly elected Council

Fayette Alliance would like to congratulate Lexington’s newly elected Council members. In the months and years to come, we look forward to working with City Hall to grow our city, and promote our farms. 


 LFUCG’s 2012 Elected City Council Members

Chris Ford

1st District

Campaign Website

Shevawn Akers:

2nd District

Campaign Website

Picture Unavailable

Diane Lawless

3rd District

Campaign Website

Julian Beard

4th District

Bill Farmer

5th District

Campaign Website

Kevin Stinnett

6th District

Jennifer Scutchfield

7th District

Campaign Website

Picture Unavailable

George Myers

8th District

Jennifer Mossotti

9th District

Campaign Website

Harry Clark

10th District

Campaign Website

Picture Unavailable

Peggy Henson

11th District

Ed Lane

12th District

Campaign Website


Four new faces will join Urban County Council; eight incumbents win re-election

by Beverly Fortune, 11.06.12, Kentucky.com

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council will have four new faces come January from districts where incumbents did not seek re-election. Meanwhile, eight incumbents, including four who faced challengers, won another two-year term.

New members on the council include Shevawn Akers, who defeated Brannon Dunn in the 2nd District; Jennifer Scutchfield, who was unopposed in the 7th District; Jennifer Mossotti, who defeated Bill Polyniak in the 9th District; and Harry Clarke, who beat Steve Nelson in the 10th District.

Returning incumbents include Chris Ford, who defeated Marty Clifford in the 1st District; Diane Lawless, who won handily over newcomer Stephanie Spires in the 3rd District; Julian Beard, who won easily over Sam Cox in the 4th District; and Ed Lane, who easily turned back opponent Ralph Ruschell in the 12th District… Read more at Kentucky.com