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LFUCG Federal TIGER Grant Application

Image by SCAPE/Landscape Architecture, LDDA

Image by SCAPE/Landscape Architecture, LDDA

Fayette Alliance supports LFUCG’s Federal TIGER grant application for the Town Branch Linear Park, as this project is an important step in sustainably growing our city and promoting our farms in Lexington.

If secured, the $13,180,620 federal grant will combine with $10,970,000 in budgeted, local matching funds to finance $24,150,620 in transportation infrastructure for Town Branch. This significant investment in Lexington’s urban core will anchor the emerging park project, and transform how the city grows and functions into the future.

Lexington is not reinventing the wheel, and the transformative power of park and trail facilities has happened across the U.S. For example, in 2013, Indianapolis built a $63 million, eight-mile bike path connecting cultural districts, neighborhoods, and parks—with an economic impact of $864,599,000.

While Town Branch has promise, much work must be done…from building private sector support and implementing a strategic plan, to constructing and operating a feasible, first component of the linear park system. In particular, the initial phase of Town Branch is estimated to cost $75 million, of which $25 million is transportation infrastructure:

  • $25 million: Transportation Infrastructure
  • $30 million: New Park or Parks, and Improvements to Existing Parks
  • $8 million: Initial Decade of Operations
  • $12 million: Operating Endowment (generates $500k/annum)
    *Please see the Town Branch Commons Executive Summary for additional details.

This is a big deal and a historic challenge for Lexington. With pragmatism and community buy-in, it can be done. Securing a TIGER grant is a fundamental step in making the Town Branch Commons a reality, and we respectfully request and urge its approval.

To learn more about this issue, check out our complete position statement and the Town Branch Commons Executive Summary: