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Category: Advocacy

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Proposed changes to the Agricultural-Buffer zone

Sayre School is hoping to change a countywide zoning policy in the Agricultural-Buffer zone (A-B), which is outside of the Urban Service Boundary. The Public Hearing on the proposed ZOTA will be held on Thurs., Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, 200 E. Main St.  The change would allow them to increase their...

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Soccer Development Updates

Soccer Development Updates The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing this week on Thurs., Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the LFUC Government Center, 200 E. Main St., Lexington KY.  The purpose of the meeting is to decide on a zoning change for a parcel of land located at 5380 and 5354...

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Pause on ZOTAs in the Rural Service Area Until the RLMP is Updated

Pause on ZOTAs in the Rural Service Area Until the RLMP is Updated We and the undersigned organizations are calling on the Urban-County Council and the Mayor to support an update to the Rural Land Management Plan (RLMP) and pause Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments (ZOTAs) in the Rural Service Area. Over the last twelve months, the...

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Goal 4 Report – The Future of the USB

The Future of the Urban Service Boundary: Goal 4 Work Group LFUCG is currently having the most important conversation related to the Urban Service Boundary since its inception in 1958. The efforts of a stakeholder group called the Goal 4 Workgroup will help to inform decisions made by the Planning Commission and the Urban County...

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LFUCG’s Sustainable Growth Study Envisions a Bright Future for Lexington-Fayette County

The Urban Service Boundary protects what makes our part of Kentucky unique–the thriving city of Lexington and the lush countryside and farmlands that make up Fayette County. The boundary was established in 1958 to protect these spaces for current and future residents and businesses by increasing the development of urban spaces while allowing rural areas...

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Urban Infill

Productive Rural Areas: Preserving What Makes Lexington Unique

  Sustainable Lexington, one of the most visible results produced from the urban service boundary, exemplifies the unique character of the county and is one of the major draws for residents and tourists alike. This charm, this atmosphere—whatever you might call it—is centered on the natural environment around us and the abundance it produces for...

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Here’s the Dirt on How We Can Protect our Special Soils and Environment

  All Lexingtonians know that our region is home to legendary farmland. Fayette County and the Bluegrass Region is world-renowned for its horse farms, thriving agricultural crops, and bourbon production. None of these remarkable features would be possible without the nationally significant, prime soils that underly our area’s farms. Importantly, this soil is a major...

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Micro-Distilleries in the Ag-Rural Zone

Micro-Distilleries in the Ag-Rural Zone Tomorrow, August 25th at 1:30pm, Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment (ZOTA) to permit a small farm micro-distillery as a conditional use in the Agricultural-Rural (A-R) zone. In addition to a distilling operation, limited to 1,000 gallons of spirits, they would be permitted...

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infill and redevelopment lexington ky

Infill and Redevelopment Creates More Housing Choices in Lexington

A shortage of affordable housing is approaching a crisis across the US for many low to middle-income residents.  Housing is defined as affordable when the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of their gross income for housing costs. City and county governments, city planners, and policymakers are painfully aware that the limited housing...

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Housing & Jobs in Lexington

Lexington’s Urban Service Boundary (USB) is a nuanced topic, complicated by many variables. The most discussed consideration is the implication of the USB on the housing market. Is the USB limiting growth in Lexington? Will expanding the boundary solve that problem? These are important questions, but they aren’t the only questions we need to consider....

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