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Soccer Complex Updates

Soccer Complex Updates

Last Thursday, September 22nd, Lexington Sporting Club withdrew its efforts to develop a soccer stadium and parking complex in the Economic Development (ED) Zone off of Newtown Pike and is exploring other, more suitable options for bringing additional soccer opportunities to our community. The zoning ordinance text amendment (ZOTA) proposed to reverse existing policies in the ED Zone in order to accommodate the stadium has been “indefinitely postponed”, similar to the proposal for the ZOTA in the A-R zone in conjunction with the practice field facility which was indefinitely postponed in July, both at the Planning Commission level.

We appreciate Bill Shively and the entire Lexington Sporting Club team’s consideration of the issues and concerns raised by the community. Fayette Alliance will remain vigilant and prepared to evaluate any additional proposals as we continue to strive for a healthy balance between sustainable growth and protecting our Bluegrass farmland and the vast sectors of the local economy that it supports. We cannot ignore the fact that local officials are increasingly making high-impact land-use decisions on an ad-hoc basis dictated by individual development proposals as we consider updates to the Comprehensive Plan and more. An all-encompassing approach to zoning that is informed by ongoing research is the only path forward for the continued growth and success of our community.

Soccer Fields

A conditional use permit was approved by the Board of Adjustment on Monday, September 12th for Lexington Sporting Club to build 10 soccer fields and 750 parking spaces at 5354 Athens-Boonesboro Road in the Agricultural-Rural zone. Because this site is adjacent to the Blue Sky Parkway Rural Activity Center, the zoning ordinance already permitted lights in conjunction with the fields, and no ZOTA was required. The approval included 16 important conditions to mitigate and prevent adverse impacts in the A-R zone.

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