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ZOTA 2015-4 Promotes Flexible and Efficient Mixed-Use Design

Bayer Properties, Plans for The Summit

Bayer Properties, Plans for The Summit

The ZOTA text was recommended for approval in late February of 2015, following a few revisions to the text that clarified ambiguities. View the revised text here.

Council gave 1st reading to the Bayer ZOTA on Apr 16 and anticipates 2ndreading on Apr 30. We will keep you apprised of any updates here at fayettealliance.com.

Fayette Alliance supports the alternative text proposed by LFUCG Staff for the ZOTA 2015-4: Amendment to Article 28-6(c): Alternative Building Feautures in the Mixed-Use Zones.

The proposed changes will minimize encroachment into pedestrian spaces; prevent blind spots; and allow more for more opportunities to create visual interest along the walls of mixed-use development, all while maintaining the 5-foot by 8-foot bump out or building projection requirements.

Bayer properties plans to use these revised standards in “The Summit”, a $92.5 million mixed-use “power center” located on Fritz Farm, where Nicholasville and Man ‘O War meet.

These revised standards will also facilitate other place-making, mixed-use development projects throughout our city of Lexington—improving the quality, function, and design of our built environment, which is essential to any successful sustainable growth strategy.

To see the exact proposed changes and learn more about our position on this issue check out our full position statement here.

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