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We Support Increasing the Funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Fayette Alliance joins resolution asking Mayor Gray and the Council to double annual funding to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund has made a good start since being created in 2014. Under Rick McQuady’s leadership, the Fund is making steady progress on providing safe affordable housing for working families. However, continued progress at the current rate will not meet our growing affordable housing shortage. Along with other signatories, we agree that any viable and equitable growth strategy for our community must address this critical issue.

The ongoing update to the 2018 Comprehensive Plan gives us a tremendous opportunity to plan for our city’s growth in a way that benefits all our citizens.¬†We were proud to support creation of the Fund in 2014, and are proud now to join with other community leaders and organizations asking Mayor Gray and our Council to double the annual allocation to the Trust Fund.

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