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Agriculture in Fayette County isn’t just horses, livestock, and crops… it’s also about tourism. In 2010 according to the USDA, Fayette County had farm sales of $504.1 million and was ranked the number one agricultural county in Kentucky.  Fayette (one of 120 counties in Kentucky) achieved 10.4% of all agricultural farm sales in the state.[1]...

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Row Crops, Food Security, & Biofuel

Although row crops are one of the smaller agricultural industries in Fayette County, they are still vital to Lexington’s farm economy. There are 46.5 square miles of harvested cropland in Fayette Co. accounting for 16.45% of the county. In 2008, crop receipts in Fayette County totaled $14.4 million, a significant number coming from such a...

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Households & Lifestyles

The average household in Lexington has shifted more towards young adults and small units. Our demographics are changing in Lexington. 72% of all new residents in Lexington are singles and childless couples under the age of 30. And, on average, only 2.3 persons live in Fayette County households. In fact, in 2010, nearly 75% of...

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