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Supporter Profile- Liza Purcell van Dissel

Liza van Dissel

Name: Liza Purcell van Dissel

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Agent

Proudest moment: The moment I was able to share how great Kentucky is with my friends and acquaintances, who did not have the privilege of being from Kentucky. The first tip off was the “Kentucky Kicks Ass” campaign by Kentucky for Kentucky. If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will! The video that @KYforKY put together has allowed me to share my Kentucky Proud attitude everywhere I travel!

Bluegrass Favorites: Keeneland, Ouita Michel, Bourbon and the outstanding horse country.

Why Lexington: There’s no place like the Bluegrass! After traveling to three other continents and twenty three other countries, I always come back to this place I call home. I grew up on a cattle and tobacco farm 15 minutes from downtown, and plan to bring the land to full production in the next couple of years.  Few cities could sustain that goal. The people here are welcoming, the culture is always evolving, the sense of community is strong and the opportunities are endless. I view Lexington as a thriving place with big city attributes but a
small town feel.

What do you wish other people knew about Fayette Alliance?
 Fayette Alliance has a mission to elevate the quality of life in Fayette County based on community member feedback. Fayette Alliance is passionate about public transit, environmental quality,  community development, affordable housing and conscientious growth. The goal of Fayette Alliance is to try to find, navigate and collaboratively plan the best pathway for growth of our irreplaceable Bluegrass region.

I support Fayette Alliance because: The ability to drive 20 minutes in any direction outside of Lexington and be surrounded by rolling hills is a treasure, and a major part of Lexington’s unique culture.  Without Fayette Alliance, the idea of farming in Fayette county would likely become a novelty, not a reality. Our land is our capital, and has been listed on the World Monuments Fund as one of the most distinctive landscapes worldwide. Fayette Alliance is committed to ensuring it will be here for generations to come.