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The Final Step- We Need Your Voice!

The journey to update the Comprehensive Plan for Lexington-Fayette County is not over yet. Your voice is more important than ever! 

The Planning Commission approved Goals & Objectives for the 2018 update, including no expansion of the Urban Services Boundary or the Rural Activity Centers. This was a huge victory, however it was just the first step. It’s now up to the Council.

We need YOU to share your voice with Council and urge them to adopt the Goals & Objectives as passed by the Planning Commission before they vote on November 16.

What can you do to ensure your voice is heard?

  • Send your councilmember and all 3 at-large councilmembers an email (information below)
  • Send your your councilmember and all 3 at-large councilmembers a Tweet or Facebook message (information below)

Council Contact Information:

 Suggested email:

“The Goals & Objectives passed by the Planning Commission lay out an innovative and achievable vision for our community. Maintaining the current Urban Services Boundary and Rural Activity Centers is the key to achieving that vision. We need a long-range plan that focuses on intentional development that enhances and respects the character of our great neighborhoods. We need to properly maintain and improve our existing infrastructure to increase our quality of life. The Planning Commission’s Goals & Objectives put us on the right path. I urge you to adopt them as passed.

Council Contact Information:
Council At-Large, Vice Mayor Steve Kay:
Council At-Large, Richard Moloney:
Council At-Large, Kevin O. Stinnett:
Council District 1, James Brown:
Council District 2, Joe Smith:
Council District 3, Jake Gibbs:
Council District 4, Susan Lamb:
Council District 5, Bill Farmer Jr.:
Council District 6, Angela Evans:
Council District 7, Jennifer Scutchfield:
Council District 8, Fred Brown:
Council District 9, Jennifer Mossotti:
Council District 10, Amanda Mays Bledsoe:
Council District 11, Peggy Henson:
Council District 12, Kathy Plomin:

Suggested Twitter/Facebook Message:

@INSERTHANDLE I support the Goals & Objectives passed by the Planning Commission including no expansion. Please adopt them as passed! #GrowSmart #SharetheLex

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Summary of Position Statement

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