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Success with Planning Commission and Next Steps

As you may have heard, a majority of Planning Commission members voted for no expansion of the Urban Services Boundary!! This is a critical first step in the process and would not have happened without your support and action. Thank you all so much!

The vote was 7-4. The 7 Commissioners who voted for no expansion were as follows:

Bill Wilson, Chair
Larry Forester
Frank Penn
Carolyn Plumlee
Mike Owens
Headley Bell
Patrick Brewer

The 4 Commissioners who voted in favor of expansion were as follows:

Will Berkley
Mike Cravens
Karen Mundy
Carolyn Richardson

We are very grateful to those Commissioners who voted according to the needs and desires of our community (which overwhelmingly does not support expansion), and to the Planning Staff for their steadfast leadership and vision. If you would like to send an email thanking the Staff and Commission, a suggested email can be found below.

This is a huge victory, however, this vote is only the first step in the Comp Plan update process. The Planning Commission’s recommendations will now be forwarded to the Council for ultimate adoption within 90 days. Please watch for emails and social posts in the coming months where we will announce next steps. There is much work ahead, but this true cause for celebration would not have been possible without you!

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support and guidance. We have such an incredible team, and I am so proud to be part of it.

Suggested email:

Send to imagine@lexingtonky.gov attn: Chris Woodall, Manager of Long-Range Planning.

“Thank you for doing the right thing for our community by adopting the Staff’s recommended Goals & Objectives, including the Goal of maintaining the current Urban Services Boundary and Rural Activity Centers. I am grateful for your innovative vision for our community, your leadership, and public service.”