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Lillie E. Miller-Johnson- 2018 Candidate Questionnaire

Running for: At-Large

Short Bio:

Lillie E Miller-Johnson is the mother of three beautiful daughters, four grandsons and one grand daughter, the sister of six sisters, three brothers(two deceased) and both parents deceased.  She was born in Scott County and spent her first five years there and the rest of her youth in Fayette County, mostly living on a farm(s) with her parents.

Presently, she serves as an Elected Supervisor of the Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation district, in her Third term. The reason Lillie E. Miller-Johnson is running for Council at Large office is to serve the citizens of Lexington, Fayette county  in a capacity that will bring out the best in the City of Lexington and Lillie E Miller-Johnson, as a Leader who would like to guide or inspire others in the community.   

Being from a large family, Lillie E. Miller-Johnson had to pay her own way to college, so thinking ahead, she signed up for Upward bound-Kentucky State in her Sophomore year in High School and began earning college credits by her Senior year in High School.  She brings this because she is thinking ahead and has even been told on several occasions that she is ahead of her time.

Lillie E. Miller-Johnson’s interest in volunteer work with the UWBG, Radio eye, feeding the homeless, Red Cross, and has worked to get affordable housing for the working class

1. Do you support prioritizing infill/redevelopment as Lexington’s primary growth strategy? Under what circumstances would you support expansion of the Urban Services Boundary or Rural Activity Centers?

I would support infill/redevelopment as long as the character and context of our existing neighborhoods are maintained.  I do not believe we should be like every other city that has used infill and lost the character of their city.  That is our tourist attraction and part of our character as a city. As far as Urban services boundary or Rural activity centers, I would again have to look at what we would be losing, which areas that the expansions would be in. But as a member of the Council I would not have the last say but I sure would be trying to bring other ideas to the table at that time, if I did not support what expansion that was going on.

2. What specific recommendations do you have to protect the character and context of existing neighborhoods while diversifying our housing stock to meet the needs of our community?

It would depend on the neighborhoods and what that neighborhood stands for or represent(s) or represented to the city of Lexington.

3. What specific recommendations do you have to address Lexington’s affordable housing issue?

There are a lot of different affordable housing issue’s  that have come up over the years and the present one’s will have to be looked at individually…I have fought for housing issue’s  and we got Habitat for Humanity, Reach, and Housing authority used one of my ideas with homes for sale for working class individuals-those with low income..so I am confident that there are other ways to fight this battle which I already have in mind.

4. The number of households headed by someone aged 65 or older is projected to increase significantly over the next decade and beyond. What specific recommendations do you have to meet the needs of our growing senior population?

I would suggest that we put together a forum or study, asking the elderly what they would prefer or suggestions they have in mind.  I myself am getting to that age, so we will see as things progress…if I answer with my solutions, then where or what would you need me for?

5. Do you support an annual funding allocation for Lexington’s Purchase of Development Rights Program (PDR)? Please list your specific ideas to support the continued strength and growth of our agricultural and tourism industries. 

I am a firm supporter of our agricultural and tourism industries, that is why we should preserve as much of our culture and context as possible.  Again I would prefer not to answer with my ideas, as you know I worked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and when asked for my ideas, it was used but I was not given credit; while working as a Substitute teacher I put in an idea, but was not paid for it, but five years later two other women were paid for the same idea I put in five years earlier.  I have also emailed and left messages for ideas that would benefit Lexington, which were also sent to the Senate and Representatives, So until the idea(s) is needed……

6. Citizens have noted frustration with traffic congestion. What are your specific ideas to address traffic congestion? 

I understand that there have been plans for over 10 to 15 years for improvements in traffic congestion, until I know what areas and what is planned it is best to wait and see, then make an informed idea on the areas that need changes.  But I do know that it will not happen in a day, and there is the funding for new or improved roads and streets.

7. The 2018 Comprehensive Plan for Lexington includes a goal to create “a new process for determining long-term land use decisions” involving the Urban Services Boundary and Rural Activity Centers. If you support the creation of this new process, what are some of the elements that should be included? 

No Comment!!! As I believe I address this earlier.

8. What is the biggest challenge facing Lexington? What are your specific recommendations to address that challenge?

Diversity!!! While taking classes at the University of Kentucky-Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Lillie Miller-Johnson was informed that as a Black/Afro American, she would be unable to compete in Computer Science (1996 -2000) or higher math subjects since and She quotes she was a Woman of color…. so I believe that this being what it is,  creative workforce by establishing opportunities that embrace diversity with inclusion in our community. 

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