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Learn More About the 2012 Candidates for LFUCG City Council

LFUCG | Photo by Kathleen Burke | Fayette Alliance Staff

Once again, The Fayette Alliance has asked candidates running for City Council to answer questions about local growth issues and concerns. This year’s questionnaire covered several topics including: expansion of the urban service boundary; PDR; affordable housing; water quality issues; downtown & neighborhood design; and economic development. Click on the “Learn More” button for details.


Why City Council Elections Matter:

Zoning in Lexington-Fayette County is passed with six votes on the Planning Commission and eight votes on the Council. The Mayor appoints, and the Council confirms the Planning Commission appointments.

Planning and Zoning laws are the building blocks of our community. Get informed about our future leaders, and what they think about our work to sustainably grow our city and promote our farms in Lexington.

We’ll keep you updated of all progress as the 2012 LFUCG City Council election cycle unfolds. Together we can make a difference in Lexington!

The 2012 Community Survey

In march of 2012, The Matrix Group conducted an objective and independent study, gauging Lexingtonians’ opinions on growth issues facing our community. The results showed that 81% of Lexingtonians would not vote for a candidate that supports expanding the urban services boundary; 76% of Lexingtonians agree that Lexington can become the model for sustainable growth by creating a dynamic city that is balanced with, and connected to our unique, productive Bluegrass farmland; and the top 3 issues facing Fayette County are land-use & growth, the economy, and government spending. Click the “Learn More” button to see more of the findings.