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Blue Grass Stockyards

The Board of Adjustment approved Blue Grass Stockyards’ application for a conditional use permit to construct an Agricultural Market on Friday, March 25th. We are proud to support the Stockyards and their plans to rebuild here in Fayette County. Congratulations to all parties involved!

The Stanford, KY Stockyards has a similar footprint to the Stockyards planned for Ironworks Pike.

The Stanford, KY Stockyards has a similar footprint to the Stockyards planned for Ironworks Pike.

We’re excited that Blue Grass Stockyards will be staying in Fayette County. On February 26, Blue Grass Stockyards announced that it will be relocating to Ironworks Pike following a fire that destroyed its previous Lisle Ave location.

Fayette Alliance supports the Blue Grass Stockyards and its plans to stay in Fayette County.  Currently, Blue Grass Stockyards has applied to the Board of Adjustment for a conditional use permit to construct and operate an Agricultural Market and a variance to reduce the required setback distance from a residence on another property.

We applaud Blue Grass Stockyards for creating a site development plan that not only adheres to quality design but also sets the standard for environmental stewardship for stockyards across the country.

Blue Grass Stockyards has a proven track record of environmental stewardship. At its previous site on Lisle Ave, the Blue Grass Stockyards was located right on the banks of Town Branch Stream. Despite challenges presented by the 100-year-old facility and its close proximity to our city’s founding waterway, Blue Grass Stockyards complied with all local and state ground and stormwater requirements. Not once, did the site have a water quality violation.

It is also important to note the economic benefits Blue Grass Stockyards brings to Lexington-Fayette County. In 2015, the Lexington site of Blue Grass Stockyards sold approximately 106,000 animals for a total of $204 million gross sales receipts.

Continuing to have Blue Grass Stockyards located in Fayette County is key to the economic health of our signature Agricultural Industry and a testament to quality of livestock that is raised right here in the Bluegrass.

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