Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are homes tucked into existing communities that can help curb sprawl, expand flexibility for all stages of life, especially for our aging population, and add needed homes near jobs and transit. ADUs can be attached or detached to a current home. Sometimes they are referred to as backyard homes or garage apartments. Many ADUs are attached units in attics or basements, and not always a detached unit.

The LFUCG Division of Planning has put forth a proposal that would allow these small dwelling units of up to 800 square feet on all urban, single-family residential lots in Lexington. 

Revisions were made to the original ADU ordinance to add additional protections for neighborhoods and mitigate unintended consequences. The revised ADU ordinance was passed unanimously by the Planning Commission in October 2019.

ADUs are a small way to diversify housing options, especially for elderly people or others that might need to live close to their families, and it helps us increase the number of housing units we need, making housing more affordable for all.

LFUCG ADU Proposal

ADU Fact Sheet

Homeowners ADU Guide

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