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ADU Text Amendment Position Statement

UPDATE 10/21/2019: The revised ADU ordinance was passed unanimously by Planning Commission at a Special Hearing on Monday, October 21, 2019.  Pursuant to community feedback and an extended period for additional public comment, Planning Staff provided creative and innovative text as potential updates to the original proposed ADU ordinance language. The amended ordinance language was introduced to add additional protections for neighborhoods and citizens and the Fayette Alliance applauds staff for their diligence and resourcefulness in their proposals. Achieving a balance between the protection of our established neighborhoods and new and diverse housing options to accommodate growth is crucial, and Planning Staff and Planning Commission’s efforts to achieve this goal are apparent and much appreciated.

This revised text includes requirements of: owner occupancy for either the principal dwelling or the ADU; maximum occupancy of 2 individuals + children; a pre-application conference between Planning Staff and property owner prior to granting of permit; execution and filing of a deed restriction by the property owner to provide notice to future owners of applicable restrictions; and a mandate that use of the ADU as a short-term rental must be obtained through a conditional use permit.

The revised and approved ordinance serves to mitigate unintended consequences of introducing additional housing into existing neighborhoods and helps pave the way for Lexington to approach our housing needs with open minds. ADUs are not the only solution to our need to accommodate our citizens and those we will gain in the future, but they are one way to work toward achieving the vision outlined in Imagine Lexington.

Fayette Alliance will follow this ZOTA closely as it moves through the Council and update you accordingly. Stay tuned!

A text amendment to our zoning ordinance (“ZOTA”) to incorporate and regulate Accessory Dwelling Units was introduced by LFUCG Planning Staff and Planning Commission held a public hearing on the matter on Thursday, September 26th . Based on the outpouring of
responses from the community, and in order to make sure everyone who wanted to speak on the matter was heard and the Planning Commission was able to take their opinions into consideration, Planning Staff postponed the vote by the Planning Commission until a special
meeting on Monday, October 21st . Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Urban County Council at that time.

Fayette Alliance supports the most basic intent of the ZOTA, which is to provide an alternate housing choice that increases density through infill in an incremental way, while efficiently using existing infrastructure. We must, however, reduce the risks associated with unintended
consequences for our neighborhoods wherever possible. Our 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Lexington, identified infill development, land use efficiency, expansion of housing choice and enhancement of existing neighborhoods as primary objectives of our land use policy going forward. In order to ensure these goals are being met, we must work with our community to navigate the implementation of policies like the ADU ZOTA in a way that enhances our city and protects our citizens. In light of our dedication to achieving this balance, read more about
Fayette Alliance’s position on the ADU ZOTA and our recommendations for the same below.

Read Fayette Alliance ADU Position Statement

Fayette Alliance is paying close attention to this ZOTA and will keep you updated on its progress. Balancing the protection of our neighborhoods and incorporating change that allow for increased density will be our community’s biggest challenge and working together as citizens will be critical in achieving Lexington’s vision.