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Citizens’ Planning Academy 2019 Resources

Citizens’ Planning Academy is a free, four-week program designed to educate Fayette County residents on land-use planning and its relationship to our community’s economic development, environment, and quality-of-life. Local community leaders and experts speak on issues ranging from our sewer systems and green space to local land use and housing affordability. Below, you will find resources from the 2019 Citizens’ Planning Academy.

CPA Glossary

Planning 101

Promoting Our Farms

Growing Our City

Responsible Infrastructure

Planning 101 Resources

2018 Comprehensive Plan
Download Planning101 Presentation
Presentation is property of the LFUCG Division of Planning.

Promoting our Farms

Bluegrass Stockyards Position Statement
Kentucky Double Dollars Program
Fayette County Community Farm Shares
Kentucky Horse Park Events
Keeneland Sales
Visit Horse Country
Foodchain Lexington

Growing our City

Join an LFUCG Board or Commission
LFUCG Workforce Development and Video
LFUCG Office of Affordable Housing
Lexington Community Land Trust
Lexington Infill Projects from AU Associates
LFUCG Resident Support
History of Zoning Codes

Responsible Infrastructure

LexTran Routes
Town Branch Commons Plans
Lexington Area MPO Studies and Reports
Lexington, Ky. EPA Consent Decree
Lexington Watersheds
List of City Parks
Parks & Recreation Master Plan

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