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2018 Comprehensive Plan Adopted

After two and a half years of deliberation, the Planning Commission voted to adopt the 2018 “Imagine Lexington” Comprehensive Plan on Thursday, February 28th at 1:30 PM in Council Chambers. Fayette Alliance was centrally involved throughout the process, and successfully advocated to advance smart growth policies. The recommendations in the 2018 Plan largely align with our vision.

With the adoption of the 2018 Goals & Objectives, the city of Lexington made clear its continued commitment to smart growth. Maintaining the current Urban Services Boundary (USB) and Rural Activities Centers (RACs) is the key to meeting our future land use needs responsibly and intentionally. The Goals & Objectives achieve a land use vision that is innovative, responsible, sustainable, and achievable.

Specifically, the Goals & Objectives address the fundamental growth issues facing Lexington, including housing, design guidelines, corridor redevelopment, parks and greenspaces, environmental stewardship, farmland preservation, economic development, and transportation. Fayette Alliance supports these Goals and the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan as they are tested smart growth planning principals that will leverage Lexington’s strengths, while addressing changing demographic transportation, and economic landscapes in our community.

With this plan, Lexington will continue its journey towards becoming a vibrant city that is connected to, and balanced with, our productive Bluegrass farmland.

Fayette Alliance congratulates the Planning Staff, the Planning Commission, and all of the community stakeholders who invested unprecedented time and talend to making the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Lexington’s most visionary one to date. We applaud this process, and its commitment to the long-range success of our community.

On the heels of this historic Comprehensive Plan, Fayette Alliance will continue to advance smart growth policies that leverage what makes our community so special. No doubt, it is an exciting time to be in Lexington-Fayette County.

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