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What is Placebuilder?

For many years, Lexington’s Comprehensive Plan included a land use map, which visually depicted future growth policies. However, the 2013 Comprehensive Plan eliminated the future land use map to encourage creativity in how we accommodate growth. Along with eliminating the map, the 2013 Plan also called for creating frameworks and policies that encourage good design and a fair process in development projects.

Despite these honorable intentions, the 2013 Plan failed to adopt guidelines and processes to achieve these goals. As a result, neighborhoods and citizens have felt blindsided and frustrated by many of the developments build during the last five years.

To address these concerns, the Planning Commission adopted “Placebuilder” in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan following unprecedented public input and expertise from planning staff. Placebuilder is a framework for developers, neighbors, and community stakeholders to evaluate whether a zone change is in agreement with the Comprehensive Plan using place, development type, and land use criteria.

Placebuilder is a new tool that aims to provide greater transparency, clarity, and detail in the zone change process.

Fayette Alliance supports the intent of Placebuilder and applauds the planning staff for tackling this difficult issue while responding to the desires of the community.

However, the devil is always in the details. As such, Fayette Alliance will continue to evaluate Placebuilder as it’s implemented moving forward. The question is not if we grow, but how… and Placebuilder should encourage the very best of development in Lexington. We will remain engaged in this process, and keep the community posted on all progress.

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The Planning Staff will hold informative sessions on Placebuilder on the following days:

For Applicants: 10:30 AM in 7th floor Conference Room in the Phoenix Building on March 25, April 29, May 28, and June 24.

For Citizens: 6 PM in the 7th floor Conference Room in the Phoenix Building on March 19 and June 18.