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The “Goals & Objectives” of Comprehensive Plan Update are in Full Swing

Lexington Skyline | Photo by Jeff Rogers | www.jeffrogers.com

The Fayette Alliance continues to promote the importance of farmland preservation, responsible development and special neighborhoods, and an improved infrastructure and environment during the current “Goals and Objectives” phase of the Comprehensive Plan. We feel these policies are critically important in achieving a sustainable Lexington for all of us. Executive Director Knox van Nagell participated in a LFUCG focus group this morning to bring this perspective to the table.

The first step of the two-year Comprehensive Plan process is to draft the Goals and Objectives, which provide a thematic guide for the various elements of the plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a big deal, as it provides the blueprint for all future land-use and zoning in Fayette County. Once the initial draft of the Goals and Objectives is finalized, they will go to Council for review and eventual adoption. We’ll keep you posted on all progress.

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