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The Alliance Supports Accountable Development

The Fayette Alliance supports a proposal to improve the development process at city hall. These changes will provide greater accountability and efficiency, ensuring that developers actually build what was proposed to government and permitted during the zoning process.

For decades, Lexington has struggled to enforce accountable development that follows the zoning ordinance. These proposed changes are a step in the right direction–giving government the tools it needs to ensure that developers can efficiently follow the community’s vision and public safety is maintained.

More effective enforcement of development through the zoning ordinance will create responsible and sustainable growth. Creating a Lexington we can all be proud of.


Tell Council you support an accountable development process.

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The Urban County Council, along with the LFUCG Building Inspection Taskforce, Mayor’s Transition Team, and Chief Administrative Officer Richard Maloney are recommending several changes to the development process at cityhall.  Namely, they:
1.     Transfer the responsibility to interpret and enforce the Zoning Ordinance to the Division of Planning, with Building Inspection continuing to administer the Building Codes and all requirements/issues related to construction; and

2.     Create a Zoning Compliance Permit that will be required before a certificate of occupancy is awarded for most buildings.
The Alliance believes these changes streamline and strengthen the integrity of our development processes at LFUCG.
Click here to read the Alliance’s official position statement.
Both the Planning Commission and Council approved this proposal, and it will take effect on January 1st, 2012. Thank you for your support!