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Text Amendment Supporting Walkable Business Districts Ratified

Aug. 23rd, 2012: Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the text amendment.

Oct. 11th, 2012: LFUCG Urban County Council ratified the text amendment.

To learn more about this issue and to read our position statement in support of Pedestrian Oriented Business Districts check out the post below. We will keep you updated here at fayettealliance.com of any additional changes or recommendations.

Downtown Lexington | Photo by Jeff Rogers | www.jeffrogers.com

The Planning Commission is considering a new zoning law, that if adopted, will allow the Urban County Council to reduce off-street parking requirements for “Pedestrian Oriented Business Districts”. Under the proposal, Council can waive up to 100% of off street parking or tailor special off-street parking provisions for Pedestrian Oriented Business Districts. Either Council members or property owners can initiate a Pedestrian Oriented Business District—so long as the properties are located within Lexington’s Infill-Redevelopment Area. (Click Here to see map)

These districts are not a one-size fits all planning tool. Rather, the Council and planning staff will tailor its provisions to the neighborhood character of each individual district. As such City Hall can work with the business community to create unique commercial districts that speak to the desires of Lexington’s emerging pedestrian market, while setting the stage for more efficient property uses, increase tax revenues, and innovative parking measures in our urban core.

This a sound growth policy that incentivizes the revitalization of Lexington’s downtown by emphasizing human-scale, well-designed, multi-modal, and sustainable development practices. This is timely, given Lexington’s very real carbon footprint, vacant and blighted property, and economic development challenges.

View our full ZOTA 2012-12 position statement:

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