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Locals Want Farmland Conservation, Trails, Cool Urban Spaces in Latest Community Survey

A market research firm–the Matrix Group–recently conducted a pulse survey that registered the opinions of Lexington area residents and business leaders regarding focus read for the community in a 2010 online survey. Click here to view the results. As the community’s advocate for sustainable growth, The Fayette Alliance remains dedicated to promoting these values at...

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Transportation America’s 2009 Report on Kentucky

Lexington’s peak travelers experienced 38 annual hours of delay in 2005, while they only experienced 18 annual hours of delay in 1995. Kentuckians produce 8 metric tons of CO2 from transportation per capita, while the national average is only 6.9 metric tons. However, bus ridership in Lexington is up 11.5% from 2007-2008. Read more facts...

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Topline Survey

A RECENT SURVEY shows that 74% of Fayette County residents DO NOT think that more land is needed for new housing, business and industrial development outside the current Urban Service Area. [View Results Summary]