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Healthway Trail System

On July 12th 2007, the Metropolitan Planning Organization released a Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan for Jessamine and Fayette Counties. The plan endorses the Healthway Trail System-a system of off-road trails in the North-South and East-West Corridors of the inner Bluegrass Region. This Healthway Trail System will encourage bicycle and pedestrian activities in Fayette County. For...

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Headley-Whitney Museum Zone Change

Headley Whitney Museum ultimately dropped its zone change application that would have allowed museums in the Agricultural-Rural Zone.  View the Fayette Alliance’s position statement.

Quest Church Zone Change

The LFUCG Council denied Quest Church’s zone change that would have allowed it to build a 90,000 square foot worship facility next to Mill Ridge Farm.  View Fayette Alliance’s position statement.

Comprehensive Plan Process and the Urban Service Boundary

The Planning Commission recently reviewed and updated the 2001 Comprehensive Plan. This process occurs every five years. The Comprehensive Plan is a general, long-range document that assigns various land uses to property located throughout Fayette County. In essence, the Comprehensive Plan is a template for future zone changes and designations.

Lexington’s Footprint-Environmental Priorities Reinforce Need for Smart Growth Policies

Guest Commentary by Knox van Nagell, Business Lexington, June 27th, 2008 The Brookings Institution, one of the most credible and knowledgeable research organizations in the world, recently named Lexington as having the largest carbon footprint among the nation’s 200 major metropolitan areas. In layman’s terms, this means that the average Lexingtonian emits 2.5 times more...

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Topline Survey

A RECENT SURVEY shows that 74% of Fayette County residents DO NOT think that more land is needed for new housing, business and industrial development outside the current Urban Service Area. [View Results Summary]

Our Town Our Farms 2009

The Allies partnered with The Penguin Dueling Piano Bar to host the second “Our Town, Our Farms” benefit concert. The event took place on Friday April 24th 2009 during the spring Keeneland meet. Partygoers enjoyed live music by pianists Don Peters, Caz Bzdek, and Andy Paczak in one of downtown Lexington’s newest and most popular...

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The 2009 Gaines Center Lafayette Series

The Fayette Alliance proudly supported the 2009 Gaines Center Lafayette Seminar series.  This exciting event was held on Monday April 13, 2009 at  the Downtown Branch of the Lexington Public Library.  Participants learned about community gardens and the role they play in sustainable living.  Click here to learn more.

Federal Grant Assistance to the Yellow Bikes Program

The Fayette Alliance supports LFUCG’s federal grant application to finance and improve the “Yellow Bikes” community bike program. With additional funding, LFUCG can purchase state-of-the-art equipment that will enhance the Yellow Bikes program—such as integrating easy check out facilities, GPS and odometer readings on all bikes, and credit card tracking on lost or stolen bikes....

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