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Grow Smart in Your Neighborhood!

What does Smart Growth mean? What does it look like in your neighborhood?

Join Fayette Alliance for a discussion on how growing Lexington in a sustainable and equitable way makes an impact on our everyday lives. We know that updating our city’s policies on how we use our land can change lives for the better, but it can be challenging work. 

We will host a virtual session for each Council District throughout April and May to discuss Lexington’s land use policies and how Fayette Alliance is advocating for smart growth in our community.

Anyone is welcome! We want to hear from YOU!

Register below to attend. You can attend any district meeting based on your schedule, however, we will tailor the presentation somewhat to each district’s specific needs.

Find Your District

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Presentation Schedule

District 1 – April 12 – 6-7:30pm

District 2 – April 14- 6-7:30pm

District 3 – April 19 – 6-7:30pm

District 4 – April 20 – 6-7:30pm

District 5 – April 26 – 6-7:30pm

District 6 – April 28 – 6-7:30pm

District 7 – April 28 – 6-7:30pm

District 8 – May 4 – 6-7:30pm

District 9 – May 4 – 6-7:30pm

District 10 – May 10 – 6-7:30pm

District 11 – May 10 – 6-7:30pm

District 12 – May 12 – 6-7:30pm

Register to Attend


  • Find your neighborhood association: https://www.lexingtonky.gov/find-your-neighborhood-association
  • General demographic information about each district: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yb-cjkDMlLC19ABFBVW-g2Merq0Mr0Mc/view?usp=sharing
  • Learn more about Smart Growth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSMzvkY0Fek