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2014 LFUCG City Council Election Results


Our City Council representatives determine the planning and zoning laws that define our community.  During this election we focused our attention on educating Lexington’s citizens on where our future leaders stand on key growth issues. We hosted a public forum and distributed candidate questions.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2014 LFUCG Election and congratulate Mayor Gray and Council Members on their election to office!

Urban County Mayor
Jim Gray

Urban County Council At-Large
Steve Kay

Kevin O. Stinnett

Richard Moloney

Urban County Council
District 1
Chris Ford

District 2
Shevawn Akers

District 3
J. “Jake” Gibbs

District 4
Susan Lamb

District 5
Bill Farmer Jr.

District 6
Angela Evans

District 7
Jennifer Scutchfield

District 8
Fred V. Brown

District 9
Jennifer Mossotti

District 10
Amanda Mays Bledsoe

District 11
Peggy Henson

District 12
Ed Lane