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Planning Commission Adopts ZOTA 2013-2, Allowing Hospice in the ED Zone

On Thursday June 27, Planning Commission adopted the ZOTA 2013-2 legislation, allowing hospice facilities in the Economic Development Zone. This will allow Hospice of the Bluegrass to construct a facility off Newtown Pike. We supported this decision and will keep you appraised of developments in the project here at fayettealliance.com

Hospice of the Bluegrass | Hazard, KY

We support the proposed ZOTA 2013-2 legislation, which if adopted, will allow Hospice of the Bluegrass to construct a facility in the ED Zone off Newtown Pike.

Hospices are closely akin to the medical facilities already allowed in the ED Zone, and will have minimal impacts to surrounding rural and residential neighbors of the Expansion Area.

In addition, agriculture, high-tech, and healthcare are the primary economic pillars of Lexington and what makes it an attractive place to live and do business—and hospice plays an essential role in the healthcare sector of our city and state.

Lastly, allowing hospices in the ED zone will improve the marketability of that zone, which for years has struggled to live up to its promise of creating jobs and attracting new economic activity to Fayette County. With this ZOTA proposal, Lexington can secure needed medical facilities on land already inside the Urban Services Area.

Read the LFUCG Staff Report to learn more.

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