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I Support The Fayette Alliance!

We want to thank you for your continued support of The Fayette Alliance!  Your commitment makes a lasting difference to our community.

We have an exciting opportunity and need your help.  A board member has pledged $50,000 to The Fayette Alliance, if Alliance supporters can match his $50,000 pledge in donations.  This board member believes so strongly in the Alliance’s mission to promote sustainable growth that he’ll match the full amount of your gift to The Fayette Alliance.

Please to help us achieve a sustainable Lexington that benefits all of us.

We continue to make great strides in promoting our mission to preserve and promote our signature Bluegrass landscape and its related agricultural industries, create a dynamic and equitable city through responsible development, and improve our infrastructure and environment.

Our Vision
Protect its prime farmland for agricultural use by both the equine and general agricultural industries, while promoting its signature Bluegrass landscape for the pride and enjoyment of the entire community and in furtherance of developing cultural tourism;

Our Successes

In just four years, The Fayette Alliance has ushered over 40 major land-use policies into law—making a real difference in our community.  Some examples include:

  • From 2006–2010, successfully lobbying Council to fund the Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) program—resulting in the conservation of over 5,000 acres of prime Fayette County farmland.
  • In 2006, successfully lobbying Planning Commission to stop the ex¬pansion of the Urban Service Boundary and saving over 7,500 acres of prime Fayette County farmland from sprawl development.

However, these accomplishments come at a cost!  Join us in making Lexington a better place for every member of our community.  Please consider donating today.  Thank you for your dedication to our community and your support of The Fayette Alliance!