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Short-Term Rental Text Amendment

The Fayette Alliance supported text amendment to Article 1-11 of the Zoning Ordinance that would have changed the definitions of a dwelling unit and an extended stay hotel to limit the time period for rental of residential dwelling units—allowing home rentals on a monthly basis or for a period between one week and one month (up to four times a year) in Fayette County.

Such rental requirements would have addressed some of the temporary housing needs of major local events—such as the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the annual Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton thoroughbred sales. On the other hand, it also would have prohibited home rentals for a period of time less than one week— discouraging the presence of disruptive, transient non-residential renters in agricultural areas and neighborhoods; an emerging phenomenon as real-estate markets weaken and rental properties increase in number.

Ultimately, the Planning Commission did not adopt this text amendment, as they were weary of the “unintended consequences” of passing a countywide ordinance prohibiting the weekly rental of homes; i.e. what would be the economic impacts of banning people from renting their homes, on a weekly basis, to pay their mortgage? How would lower income people secure housing if they could not rent a residence week to week? How will LFUCG enforce the rental requirements? Etc.

Ultimately, the Planning Commission recommended that the disruptions associated with short-term rentals be addressed through enforceable licensure and other permitting initiatives. Responding to this recommendation, Ed Lane the District 12 Councilman who initiated the text amendment, intends to go back to the “drawing board” with the help of The Fayette Alliance and other stakeholders to explore these options.

View the Alliance’s position statement.