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Mayoral Candidate Biography: Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry became Mayor on January 1, 2007 after the citizens elected him by the largest margin in Lexington’s merged government history. Under his leadership Lexington has made unprecedented progress. He has tackled the tough issues others have ignored for years such as, updating our sewer system and funding our police and firefighters pension. He has worked with the private sector and the University of Kentucky to create over 2,300 new jobs, helping Lexington reach the lowest unemployment rate in the state. He created Lexington’s first Department of Environmental Quality and has built more bike lanes/trails than any other mayor in Lexington’s history. He has made remarkable strides downtown through focusing on urban infill and redevelopment and takes pride in protecting Lexington’s rural landscape.

He has served on numerous volunteer boards and as Deacon Chair at Calvary Baptist Church. Jim and his wife, Cheryl Ann, have two young sons, Drew and Will.